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    Mag-10 Supplement: Thoughts?

    mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest Jan 21, Messages: Does anyone have any experience with this? Used the search function and got mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest hits. Wendler recommended it, and somatropin dosierung was good enough for me, but I can't quite tell what it's effects are, and the Google research I've done has given me mixed results. Thought I'd ask you guys on here-- thanks! NeuroJan 29,

    Faster Than Fasting?

    mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest

    A few weeks back, T-Nation. Now, before we go further, I feel it necessary to put forth a bit of a disclaimer:. I am a freelance fitness author with no official ties to T-Nation, nor any financial stake in the magazine or the parent supplement company thereof, Biotest. The editors have always been pretty good to me, and I have an excellent relationship with the site and the company. I use their products from time to time some more than others and I believe that while they are a bit heavy on the marketing every now and again, Biotest makes some of the best supplements in the industry and have great quality control.

    This article is not intended to endorse the company, nor to tear them down in any way. Essentially, the Mag Pulse Fast is a fast day during which subjects take frequent doses known as Pulses of the protein supplement Mag During this day, no calories outside of this supplement are to be taken in.

    Before we get into that, I think it best to enter into a very brief discussion of fasting in general. Fasting, simply, is not eating. Like I said, this is going to be very brief. In the latter model, you simply restrict your eating window to a predetermined but relatively short period of time; therefore, everything outside of this window will be time spent fasting. There are really two main reasons to employ fasting: Calorie restriction and hormonal manipulation. Calorie Stuff — Speaking generally, fast days work because they put you in a huge caloric deficit without even moving, and you wind up exercising and expanding that deficit tremendously.

    His name, by the way, is Broman. He begins with a Caloric deficit of , and then maybe does Calories worth of activity, for a total reduction of Calories. At this rate, he should lose two pounds per week. So right off the bat, he is taking in 0 calories instead of 3,, or even 2, Hormonal Stuff — Intermittent fasting proponents are rightfully very fast to point out the hormonal benefits of fasting.

    And, honestly, those that discuss this as the primary focus of their nutritional strategies are really more adequately equipped to discuss this in depth. Rather than get into a huge discussion of hormonal interaction which I feel would be just a bit beyond the scope of this already overly long post I will just give a few bullet points.

    Not eating for an entire day certainly does lead to a large Caloric deficit, which should lead to fat loss, as noted above with our client Broman. Of course, it can be argued that huge deficits can lead to muscle loss; however, there are ways to allow for losing fat without losing muscle.

    The second method, about which the remainder of this post will be concerned, is the Mag Pulse Fast model. The argument Biotest puts forth is really pretty similar to what most fasting experts say about fasting: The contents of the Mag both take advantage of and exacerbate this, allowing for increased energy and strength during the fasting period.

    Well, it should , because it pretty much just sounds like a summary of the hormonal stuff I talked about earlier. Nearly all of what they are saying about fasting is essentially true. Obviously Biotest says it is, but they are trying to sell you a dollar package instead of a 20 dollar bottle of BCAAs. I obviously believe that there is great merit to fasting for a full day every now and again to lose fat, and I think that done properly you are going to be able to hold onto strength and mass without an issue.

    And, if it does prove to be more effective, will it the increase in efficacy be great enough to justify the cost? This brings the price per unit from The recommended dosage is 6 capsules, but for the purposes of physique maintenance during a fast, I would have people using about 30 capsules per fast day.

    Honestly, I have no idea. My experiences with that, out of interest, helped lead to the inclusion of fast days using BCAAs in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet , by the way, and thousands of people have gotten great results using that method.

    A fast day without a cheat day is a different beast, but I have done those as well — using slightly higher BCAAs —and also seeing nice results. Further to that, I personally DO fall into the category of people for whom their physique is an investment of utmost importance, so if I saw phenomenal results I would be able to justify the cost going forward. I guess the smart thing for Biotest to do here would be send me some free stuff and let me blog about my experiences.

    Allows you to gain muscle and lose fat due to a mix of extreme Caloric restriction and hormonal manipulation. Very advanced trainees, people who like to experiment, Biotest, anyone who considers their training worthy of financial investment.

    Who Should Skip It: John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime. You can read his articles here, and rants on Facebook. October 16, at 2: July 14, at 7: July 15, at 2: May 27, at May 16, at 5: April 19, at 9: April 3, at December 6, at 2: November 8, at 4: November 3, at November 2, at 3: November 1, at November 1, at 1: October 29, at 6: October 28, at October 27, at October 27, at 8: October 27, at 6: October 27, at 5: October 27, at 3: October 26, at 7: October 26, at 6: October 26, at 4: October 26, at 1: October 25, at October 25, at 9: October 25, at 7: October 25, at 6: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Notify me of new posts by email. Never miss a glorious update - click here! Posted by John Romaniello. Want More awesome shit? Sign up for our newsletter and get automatically notified when we post new face-meltingly rad articles. Now, before we go further, I feel it necessary to put forth a bit of a disclaimer: Which brings us to the question: However, in the full day fasting model, Broman just straight up does not eat.

    Not hard to see how this can lead to fat loss. Increases the secretion of growth hormone. Increase in Insulin sensitivity. This is particularly true when training is involved. That is, training in a fasted state increases insulin sensitivity, which of course helps for fat loss.

    That aside, fasting in general seems to help in this regard. Leptin levels decrease when fasting, but you get a big boost the minute you start to eat again. They have some case studies, some good sales copy and seemingly some good results. Time for a Breakdown: So where does this all leave us? I just want to have an honest discussion. About the Author John Romaniello is a level 70 orc wizard who spends his days lifting heavy shit and his nights fighting crime.

    Comments for This Entry. Joshua David Baer ok so explain this to me I have asked this question times to many people and no one ever answers it. Jennifer Pillsbury Moody totally awesome article. You went right for the brass. Keep doing what your doing pleez.

    Biotest Mag Anabolic Pulse Reviews -

    mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest

    Mag Anabolic Pulse (Biotest) Reviews. Where can I buy Mag Anabolic Pulse? | MuscleGurus

    mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest

    Mag Supplement: Thoughts? | Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion

    mag 10 anabolic pulse review biotest