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    Steroids in New Zealand – Where To Buy Dianabol, Trenbolone & Clenbuterol

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    Crazy Bulk ® NZ → The Ultimate [LEGAL] Anabolic Steroids

    legal anabolic steroids nz

    Doping sports stars fall from lofty pedestals - taking their medals and their reputations with them. But experts say ordinary Kiwi gym goers are paying a different kind of price for dabbling in the world of performance and image-enhancing drugs. Blair Ensor and Talia Shadwell investigate.

    M uscled body builders have long dallied with testosterone-pumping anabolic steroids, but sources say lifestyle drugs have gone mainstream. Every gym in this country has people selling drugs," says Nolan McGaw, who formerly owned a gym in Auckland and competed as a body builder. McGaw, who has spent time in jail for importing ecstasy, says steroids are a gateway drug to more serious offending. He had imported steroids himself.

    Many people who used steroids often dealt them as well to cover costs, he says. Steroids are either injected into the muscle or taken orally as pills. McGaw knew many heavy steroid users who had died young - some of heart attacks. Experts say prescription and unapproved drugs - including new generation peptide and human growth hormone variants meant for treating medical disorders - are increasingly being used recreationally. They aid recuperation and help gym goers train harder for longer.

    But few will be aware of their side-effects or dosage constraints. Intelligence suggests there is a market for PIEDs beyond the pro body building circuit. That sort of thing goes hand-in-hand with the media and movie industry promotion of a particular body shape," Van Beynen says. World Anti Doping Agency WADA director general David Howman fears the increased availability of the drugs at a recreational level could lead to more doping in sport, particularly among young athletes trying to secure lucrative contracts.

    Only a fraction of that sentence related to the breaches of the Medicines Act he admitted. Les Mills personal trainer and body building World Champ, Steven Orton, 24, from Christchurch, imported packages of methylone. The illegal party drug's effects are similar to ecstasy. In a sworn affidavit, Orton says he was duped into receiving the packages by a friend - the owner of an Auckland supplement store and a well-known steroid dealer. Orton claims he thought the packages were full of steroids but realised they probably contained something more serious when Customs investigators burst into his home in November last year.

    Customs is looking at the allegations as part of an ongoing investigation, a spokeswoman says. Orton was sentenced to seven months home detention. He no longer works for Les Mills. Tighter regulation of gyms and tougher penalties for those caught importing and supplying will help combat the problem, Howman says.

    A top body building source who has used steroids says many young people are now taking steroids with reckless disregard for their own safety. They don't really fully understand how it should be taken and the right quantities.

    A lot of the younger ones think the more you take the better. Many recreational gym goers were now taking steroids because "they think it's a quick fix". In the last six years, drug use has been "really picking up" but it hasn't peaked yet, the source says.

    There are obvious health risks associated with taking products that are often made in unsanitary, unregulated backyard laboratories, Howman says. This is an increasing problem for the health of our kids. The "commonsense approach" would be to act now, but Howman says in his experience it usually takes a death or serious incident before people become aware of the issue. US high school baseball player Taylor Hooton, 17, killed himself after taking anabolic steroids in Hooton's family think his suicide stemmed from depression associated with the use of the drugs.

    They established The Taylor Hooton Foundation, which promotes awareness of youth steroid abuse and lobbies for tougher regulation in the United States. The foundation's website says the case highlighted rampant abuse of PIEDs by young people, who were often ignorant to the dangers of taking drugs. I hope that doesn't happen [in New Zealand]," Howman says. Police say products cut with suspect ingredients are a problem not only for users but for authorities working to keep up with the latest products.

    Forensic analysis is time-consuming and expensive, van Beynen says. In one recent investigation, police found a supplier was ordering new generation products in bulk and labelling them professionally before selling them on, van Beynen says.

    But what was actually contained in the products he was peddling was quite different from what the labels advertised. In those cases it is users who pay the price, van Beynen says. Some of the users are not. Body building web forums are full of debate, some pushing for PIEDs to be legal so they can be regulated safely.

    That argument does not not wash with van Beynen, who points to New Zealand's recent experience with legalising synthetic highs. Psychoactive substances were a good example of that situation. We saw that they caused a lot of trouble and we have had to claw that back. National Amateur Body Builders' Association vice-president Peter Hardwick, 70, who runs drug-free body building events in Taupo and Queenstown says steroid use has been hard to "stamp out".

    Hardwick says he knows of teenagers taking steroids: They were likely to be doing long term damage to their bodies: Personal trainer and seven-time New Zealand body building champion Warren Thin, 62, says people who use steroids are looking for "an easy way out".

    Dealers are "scattered around" and marketing steroids through gyms. Thin says he never used steroids in his career. I had good genetics and I was prepared to put the work in. They're more bloated but you don't have that real sharpness that you used to see in my day. The study was prompted by young South African and British rugby players being caught doping.

    If there is something serious going on we've got to know how to deal with it. The study involves a survey that addressed the issue rather than specifically asking players whether they took drugs. Steel is not revealing specific results of the study. The schools have to be informed first, he says.

    However, they were "sufficient" enough to prompt broader inquiries that could extend to a wider group of schools and sports across both genders. Steel would not say if the results indicated the rugby players had come into contact with steroids and other PIEDs. What we are concerned about is

    Crazy Bulk™ New Zealand - Best Legal Steroid

    legal anabolic steroids nz

    Where to Buy Best Legal Steroids in Australia and NZ (Apr. )?

    legal anabolic steroids nz

    Where To Buy Steroids In New Zealand [Legally] - Steroidly

    legal anabolic steroids nz