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    anabolic tech epi-drol By now some of you may have noticed my flashy new signature LOL Anabolic technologies has graciously offered to sponsor me spring boldenone undecylenate how to use down. I have run other halo products and am looking forward to seeing what adding the EPI will do to my results Anabolic tech epi-drol tecu interest is the addition of liver support right in anabolic tech epi-drol product, both milk thistle and NAC are part of the mix. I will still add DAA in week 3. To this point i haven't had any Gyno issues and with the Epi i shouldn't this time either, I'll have clomi at hand but shouldn't be necessary. Was going to start on monday but received the compound yesterday, and I hear it whispering to me

    Xtreme EPI DROL by Anabolic Technologies - World Class Bodybuilding Forum

    anabolic tech epi-drol

    Results 1 to 22 of Progress and review about supplements. Progress and review about supplements so I've included some pictures of my progress after 12 weeks. Weeks , I used the following products and have had great gains.

    No jittery "cracked out" feeling Hemavol Nitric Oxide Booster- this product definitely has increased nitric oxide levels and vascularity. My veins are definitely showing more and I've had quite a few veins surface, and quite a few of them are in my quads and calfes. Ive gotten rock solid muscle, strength and weight gains. I started using Extreme EPI-DROL pro-hormone weeks and in those 4 weeks, my weight shot up from lbs to lbs and my bench max went from lbs to Quick-Mass Protein- I took 2 scoops, 3 times a day equating to extra calories a day.

    Kre-Alkalyn- This product gave me some solid mass as well. There is no bloat and it gives me great rock hard muscle I am not following any specific diet except eating a bunch of food everytime I have a meal and a few bananas throughout the day and snacks as well.

    There is definitely an increase in my testosterone, making me more sexually aroused as well. Hope some of yall try out these products, they are great! Attached Images Photo 9. DO you even PCT? Originally Posted by spiderman Originally Posted by colerivers. Originally Posted by package6. Originally Posted by Chinchillafam. Do these products increase speed of muscle gain and mass? Every person has their own preference on products and every ones body reacts differently to such said supplements.

    Loling because you are recommending steroids to newbies, and don't even know how to properly PCT yourself. Epistane is one of the more powerful prohormone supplements being sold today. It produces very lean gains and also has low estrogen levels and helps reverse some of the side effects produced by many other popular prohormones making it very popular in the modern industry.

    Wow he still made amazing gains and is a role model for what I want to look like. That doesn't mean your endogenous testosterone production has recovered. Your pct needs to look something like: Not to mention did you even take something to protect your liver?? Which is VERY bad for your overall health. Do some research befote you hop on some roids again like that man. New member with new Stack review! By m3rry in forum Supplements. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

    Epi-Drol and PCT questions

    anabolic tech epi-drol

    Progress and review about supplements - Forums

    anabolic tech epi-drol

    Anyone done a cycle of the New Anabolic Technologies Xtreme Stack or Epi-drol?

    anabolic tech epi-drol