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    Steroid Marketing Convictions

    anabolic steroids online pharmacy Are you looking for where to buy steroids? Do you want to do it safely? So you are in the right place. No, we do not offer you to buy steroids online, as you might have thought, but we can tell you how to do it effectively. Steroids are a anabolic steroids online pharmacy of chemical compounds whose structure is very similar. There are three main groups of pharmayc.

    Buy Anabolic Steroids Online - SteroidsFax Official Retailer

    anabolic steroids online pharmacy

    Norman Stengel wanted to try Viagra, and the Internet seemed a likely place to find it. Stengel is one of millions of Americans who buy drugs and health products online and either have them mailed to their home or pick them up at a drugstore.

    A broad array of Web sites greets potential customers, but they generally fall into several categories. Legitimate online pharmacies, such as drugstore. They meet state licensing requirements and validate prescriptions before dispensing drugs. The more problematic, and prolific, sites require online medical consultations for a fee before shipping a medication and are often located outside the United States.

    The home page of KwikMed www. The third group of online pharmacies, which are more difficult to find and appear and disappear quickly, allow consumers to buy drugs without any type of prescription. What is the legal status of these Web sites, and are they successful? Or are they joining the dot-com failures endemic in the market? Medical consultation At KwikMed, Stengel filled out a medical history form that asked for his current medications and medical problems, and he signed a consent form releasing the company of any liability.

    Bernard Bloom and Ronald Iannacone wrote a December study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine , on the online availability of pharmaceuticals.

    In some cases, Web sites did not require a consultation, although their policy indicated that it was needed. The appropriateness and potential interactions of the medications, variations in manufacturing, and the potential for serious abuse were other red flags mentioned in the study. Also, the sites were constantly in motion. McGinnis said that the U. Customs Service confiscated about 10, packages in , similar to the number in Clyde Moore, operator of Overseas Pharmacy , can shed some light on that 2.

    Several scams took my money and ran. Today, more than 10, people have purchased the list of 50 international pharmacies, which ship medications in factory-sealed packages. Luckily for Moore, federal and state agencies are not targeting sites that sell pharmacy lists. According to Cleland, more than 20 states have taken legal actions against pharmacy Web sites for consumer protection and licensing issues. State medical boards, which license physicians and pharmacists, are concerned with prescriptions that depend on online questionnaires.

    Sanctioned sites Regulators have no problem with sites such as drugstore. To be VIPPS-certified, a pharmacy must comply with the licensing and inspection requirements of each state to which it dispenses pharmaceuticals, offer secure records transfer, and provide meaningful consultations between patients and pharmacists.

    Open its Web site, and you find a home page full of sale items, such as Slim Fast, toilet paper, and PowerBars. To order from drugstore. After the staff verifies the prescription, the order is filled and shipped free of charge. If they are affiliated with a pharmacy, customers can pick up the medication there. Many customers choose this option. Future growth Which sites are successful, and is there room for more? As for the legitimate sites, analysts agree that saturation of the market has been reached and online pharmacies that are associated with brick-and-mortar pharmacies have a greater chance of survival.

    Elizabeth Boehm of Forrester Research, an independent Internet research firm, sees a drop-off in the stand-alone Internet pharmacies, such as PlanetRx and Rx.

    Several analysts have questioned the future of PlanetRx. Hurt by the lack of a physical pharmacy, PlanetRx continues to post flagging sales, and the company has stopped selling retail prescription and health products on its Web site.

    Improving compliance and catching drug interactions are areas that online pharmacies are successfully developing; however, better methods of handling insurance co-pays are needed. Newregulations and clarification of existing regulations will have an enormous impact on the future of e-pharmacies. By the book, importing medications by mail is illegal. Because of a lack of personnel, however, Customsusually allows a day supply of all prescriptions to be mailed into the United States, and it calls the FDA to make a determination on larger amounts.

    Differing state regulations also confuse the picture. Most states set up their consumer protection laws in the s, when most people knew the locations of their pharmacies and doctors. Many states are updating their laws. Meanwhile, Web sites come and go, as customers find real deals and not-so-special deals and try to meet their needs via the Internet. Moore, whose Overseas Pharmacy site features anabolic steroids and GHB, was asked whether he was concerned about the misuse of these drugs.

    Linda Richards is a freelance writer based in Flagstaff, AZ. Send your comments or questions regarding this article to mdd acs. Legitimate and fly-by-night pharmacies litter the Internet landscape. For more information The Electronic Frontier: March ; Appendix D. List of overseas pharmacies: Return to Top Table of Contents.

    Online pharmacies abound

    anabolic steroids online pharmacy

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    anabolic steroids online pharmacy

    Can Anabolic Steroid use cause Erectile Dysfunction? - Simply Meds Online

    anabolic steroids online pharmacy