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    Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. - Steroidology

    anabolic steroids increase blood pressure Most medical texts that discuss the side effects of anabolic steroids suggest that the reason they may increase low testosterone natural treatments pressure is their sodium-retention properties. One possible side effect of high-dose regimens of anabolic steroids is high blood pressure, or hypertension. Having high blood pressure also damages the endothelium, or inner lining, of arteries, which sets you up for atherosclerosis, a narrowing of arteries that can result in a heart attack or stroke. Anabolic steroids increase blood pressure steroid use inhibits the enzyme beta hydroxylase, increasee leads to excessive production of deoxycorticosterone, a mineralocorticoid in the adrenal glands, and, in due course, sodium and water retention. The scenario can also lead to elevated blood pressure.

    Steroids and Blood Pressure | Iron Man Magazine

    anabolic steroids increase blood pressure

    There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Results 1 to 15 of Blood pressure--How high is to high on cycle? I normally have normal to low BP and the doc or nurse congratulates me and comments on how good it is.

    I dont trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die. Originally Posted by skullcrusher1. Last edited by BimmerDude; at As being a med student I take a ton of bp readings everyday I am 30 years old as well.

    You could run that high of bp for 20 weeks and be fine. It doesnt cause damage that fast I'd say very very minimal if any at all.

    People can have high bp for years before they see any signs of damage to their organs. BP damage comes from constant hypertension. So unless you have a constantly high bp on and off cycle I wouldnt worry about it to much but I would definitely watch it! Last edited by Cobra Strike; at Drop the dball and pickup some letro. It the water and estrogen. High BP is very serious and can cause permanent heart damage. If you are training your bp should be over Your supposed to be in shape.

    The term "sell out comes from progressives" It is propaganda to make your feel better about not having the opportunities they have taken away. I was raised to succeed. Opportunity is wealth of prosperity. Water retention is causing this increase. Drop the dbol, watch your sodium, or add the letro.

    You're not causing permanent damage, and it's your kidneys that would be hurt before your heart. They make you feel like shit, erectile dysfunction is a common side effect along with rebound HTN when you stop.

    We usually start with diuretics before ACE inhibitors or betablockers. Dosages need to be adjusted based on results and side effects. Trying to balance temporary HTN from steroids with meds is retarded. It means you're not fat, old, diabetic, or out of shape but still have HTN. Originally Posted by tomchase Dbol is probably the culprit. Diastolic second number is really what you need to keep an eye on in the short term, anything over 90 is a real concern, especially since your "normal" bp is well within normal limits.

    I will have to agree and disagree with the comments above. If you have problems with your BP you should not be taking steroids at all. If you can control your BP with diet and AI's then so be it but if you have to take BP meds in order to cycle, then you shouldnt be cycling. No offense to anyone just my opinion. Looking for legal doctor prescribed testosterone therapy? There are many different drugs besides anabolic steroids that people are encouraged by doctors to take all the time that can raise blood pressure and have dozens of other possible side effectssome of them severe and even potentially life threatening.

    I've never really understood why anabolic steroids get singled out with stern and dire warnings about blood pressure all the time, but not the others. But I have a theory about it. The big pharmaceutical corporations have no chance of legally making obscene profits off anabolic steroids sales from athletes and bodybuilders in large markets where these products are either banned or very tightly controlled.

    In fact, they know they've lost the underground market to UGLs, and even some of them who used to be in the business of making pharm grade steroids dropped out of it years ago. I'd bet everything I own that if anabolics were legal to buy without a script everywhere and big pharma was making money off it that both they and the medical community would be singing a different song about the use of steroids and blood pressure management.

    I wonder why they don't also scare people who have blood pressure issues with similar warnings not to take stimulants like ritalin, NSAIDS, immunosuppressants, decongestants, birth control pills, antedepressants, and many others? Gee, I wonder if maybe its because they're raking in billions in sales from these drugs every year, and a sizable chunk of that money ends up being kicked back to the doctors who write the scripts for the shit.

    Its supposed to be unethical and illegal, but it still happens. Richard Grimm, a Minnesota researcher, twice served on government-sponsored hypertension panels that create guidelines about when to prescribe blood pressure pills.

    BimmerDude, please read the original post again. Italian SPO, do the same. I, correctly,wrote my response to the original poster using the data he supplied. I know it doesn't have to be volume overload, but it most likely is for this patient. ED is a common side effect of beta blockers. BimmerDude, a quick glance at the Davis Drug Guide will validate my claims. Never said I was a doctor, I'm actually an Emergency Room nurse. Feel free to call me a faggot now. Users Browsing this Thread.

    New guy here with questions about blood pressure and starting a cycle. High Blood Pressure, how long does it take to go down after cycle? Blood pressure - how high is too high when "on". Featuring anabolic steroid information, anabolic steroid drug profiles, anabolic steroid articles, live discussion forums and much more.

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    High blood pressure is called 'the silent killer' for a reason. Whether you're a big fat guy or a little skinny guy makes no difference. The parameters remain the same. What you need to watch is whether it is consistently higher than the normal parameters, not just a one-time high reading.

    If it goes higher and stays higher than that then thats your warning sign that you need to do something to drop it. And just so you know, its not unusual for steroids to cause an increase in BP so ask your doc for PRN blood pressure meds and keep monitoring it every day.

    The good thing about this is that it takes a while before high blood pressure actually does serious damagebut it IS causing slow damage nevertheless, and the longer it stays high the more damage it does and the more it increases your risk for other acute and chronic alterations, so get it under control early.

    Your supposed to be in shape The term "sell out comes from progressives" It is propaganda to make your feel better about not having the opportunities they have taken away.

    If that's your stance, you need to go back to med school. The damage is being done whether you have hypertension sometimes or all of the time. I use a low dose of lisinopril to keep mine down when using AAS and anyone who uses AAS should do the same if they notice their BP getting into that area that's considered to be high or borderline Hypertension.

    Chronic hypertension can and does cause chronic arterial and renal disease. This is a wild generalization. PRN blood pressure medications like clonidine and vasotec are prescribed alongside routine ones ALL the time. Patients who take them are instructed to monitor their blood pressure and to take the PRNs if and when the routine meds don't keep it within parameters. Please also explain how "they make you feel like shit. Some people who take beta blockers are probably more likely to experience ED.

    But there are many different types of blood pressure medications that physicians try with patients until they find one or a combination that controls the pressure and has negligible sides. People respond differently to different types of meds. I have many patients who take blood pressure medications and don't have any issues with ED. True that some medications like catapress can cause rebound hypertension when you stop taking them, but the meds that are known to do this are usually not prescribed as the sole means of controlling blood pressure.

    Originally Posted by tomchase We usually start with diuretics before ACE inhibitors or betablockers. In my clinical practice I assess each patient and begin my treatment plan according to what is appropriate for that specific patient's condition, not just according to protocols in a book.

    For instance, hypertension isn't always related to volume overload so it isn't always appropriate to begin with diuretics as a first line of treatment. Originally Posted by tomchase Trying to balance temporary HTN from steroids with meds is retarded.

    I think it makes sense. If blood pressure is significantly elevated and stays significantly elevated during a steroid cycle, the goal of the individual is to lower the blood pressure and keep it lowered during the 12 or 16 weeks while on cycle. Once the individual comes off cycle, the steroid-induced hypertension will likely gradually and spontaneously resolve, and the individual will find that he doesn't need to keep taking the medications anymore.

    You're thinking clinically with your head in a box. Many guys here have posted that their blood pressure fluctuates up and down dependent on whether or not they're on cycle and using gear.

    Ask the doctor: Does prednisone increase blood pressure? - Harvard Health

    anabolic steroids increase blood pressure

    Anabolic Steroid Abuse and Dangerous Blood Pressure

    anabolic steroids increase blood pressure

    Anabolic steroid use can increase hypertension risk

    anabolic steroids increase blood pressure